The 26th Japan Teddy Bear with Friends Convention
〜 What teddy bears can do 〜



The Japan Teddy Bear Association has been holding several Teddy Bear Contests. “The Japan Teddy Bear Contest” has been held annually since the 1st Japan Teddy Bear Convention in Tokyo in 1993. Many successful teddy bear artists first started their career with this contest. The animal contest was added 10 years ago, and resulted in many creative animal works. Both contests are delightful for the audience and the artists. A new teddy bear contest using various materials other than mohair was added from this year.

The 25th
Japan Teddy Bear Contest
Grand Prize
©Rika takaoka

The 9th
Animal Contest
Grand Prize
©Mayumi hara

【 Voting Time 】
July 7 (Saturday) 11:00 AM〜4:30 PM
【 Judges 】
Entries in the JTBA contest will be judged by votes made by judges and the general audience on July 7, 2017. (The audience will receive 1 voting ticket at the entrance) For the Teddy Bear Contest, please select the best item from each category A~E, & H. For the Creative Award, please choose one creative item from all entries in category A 〜 E, and choose one best new artist piece (the entries of the new artists are marked with a red dot) from all entries in category A~E. For the Animal Contest, please select the best item.
【 Award Announcemen 】
July 8 (Sunday) at 11:00 AM (tentative)
【 Judges 】(tentative)
Sinsuke Hamanaka (Japan Teddy Bear Co., Ltd.),
Hatsuko Akada (Primera Co., Ltd.),
Takeshi Morii (Canal Co., Ltd.),
Makoto Shoda (Yamatoya Co., Ltd.),
Yauh-Zeng Lin (Taiwan Teddy Bear Association),
Hideyuki Ogawa (T Trade Co., Ltd.),
Ian Pout (Teddy Bears of Witney),
Sebastian Marquardt(Teddy Bear Total),
Götz C.Seidal(Ladenburger Toy Auction in GmbH)
【 Category 】
  << The 26th Japan Teddy Bear Contest >>
  A.Under 15cm tall、Undressed, One teddy bear, No other animal, No Accessory
  B.Under 15cm tall, Dressed, One teddy bear, No other animal
  C.Over 15cm tall (including 15cm), Undressed, One teddy bear, No other animal, No accessory
  D.Over 15cm tall (including 15cm), Dressed, One teddy bear, No other animal
  E.Set of teddy bears, more than 2 teddy bears, with/without animals
  << The 1st Various Material Teddy Bear Contest >>
  H.Teddy bear(s) made with various materials other than fur
  << The 10th Animal Contest >>
  F.One Animal or Set of Animals, Dressed or Undressed